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What are the benefits of having your car professionally detailed?

At Chambers Auto Shine, we pride our services around the quality of our work. Every step is taken to ensure no damage is done to your vehicle’s paint and finish. Methods such as a 3-bucket wash system, compressed air drying, and high-quality microfiber madness towels are utilized for each and every wash.

What type of chemicals and products are used?

We use only the highest quality of products and tools available in the detailing industry. Adams Polishes, Car-Pro USA, Chemical Guys, Shine Supply and Wax Addict are some of the high-quality products we use. The products have been tested and proven to be the best in the industry.

Why is using a drive through car wash or just any hand car wash not the best choice for your car’s finish?

Drive through, touch-free, or traditional car washes are not cleaned of contaminants after each wash. This can lead to those contaminants being transferred onto the paint of your car. “Hand Wash Only” car washes also tend to reuse soap buckets from one wash to another. They do not utilize the proactive 3-bucket wash system and do not use the best drying tools available. All these actions can and will lead to damage on your cars finish.

Why Choose Chambers Auto Shine?

Here at Chamber’s Auto Shine, we pride ourself on the quality and attention to detail of our work. We treat every car as it were our own, with the understanding that you are allowing us to detail one of your biggest investments. For this trust, we are truly grateful! Chambers Auto Shine is here to give every customer a detailing experience that is second to none.