We’ll make you shine with our exterior auto detailing!

exterior auto detailing kingwood tx

Proactive 3 bucket wash system:

This method utilizes 3 separate buckets during the wash process.  1 bucket is used entirely for the wheels and tires only.  This ensures that none of the brake dust and road grime from the wheels and tires is introduced onto the vehicle during the wash process.  Bucket 2 is  strictly a soap bucket used to apply soap to the wash mitt.  Bucket 3 is a rinse bucket used to rinse the mitt once it has been used for washing a single panel.  The rinse bucket allows for any dirt or grit to be rinsed away before reapplying soap to the mitt.

Paint Decontamination:

Using an ultra-fine detailing clay bar, non-dissolvable paint contaminates are removed. Leaving an ultra-smooth finish without introducing swirls to your vehicle’s finish.

Iron Decontamination:

Using a pH-balanced formula, contaminants above and below the paint surface are removed. These contaminants are harsh and difficult to remove through wash and clay alone.

Multiple-Stage Paint Correction & Finishing:

Removal of water etches, swirl marks, surface defects, and scratches. Using the highest quality of finishing tools, this process leaves the paint surface virtually flawless.

Vehicle Inspection:

Every vehicle is first inspected using high-powered LED lights and direct sunlight. This process allows for any imperfections to be revealed and the path forward is discussed with each owner.